new years resolutionsMost of us look at a new calendar year as an opportunity for a fresh start. We make resolutions and set goals but I suggest something totally different.

Why not look at the beginning of a new year as an opportunity to reflect on the last year?


Instead of immediately looking forward, look back first! Sitting and reflecting on your year can really help clarify how you want to proceed.  So often we just go through the motions of life not paying attention to our own patterns – what works for us, what brings us joy, what inspires us. Not good, especially because we can learn so much from the past!

So this year try looking back first.  Robin Sharma has a great reflection process to get connected to commitments for the next year.  Below is his ~ 5 Step Process to Make this New Year Your Best Year ~

Step 1: Celebrate What accomplishments do you need to celebrate from the past 12 months?

What things did you do over the last 12 months that you deserve a pat on the back for? Write them down and then give yourself that pat on the back you deserve!

Step 2: Education What are the three best life lessons you learned from the last 12 months?

What were you doing/ what was going on in your life/ what were your best practices when you achieved your best results from the past 12 months?

Step 3: Clarification  Get really clear on your top 5 goals for 2014. What 5 things need to happen for you to make 2014 your best year? These 5 goals will be something you can look at every day for inspiration for staying committed.

And lastly get clear on your top goals in the key areas of your life – Relationships, money, spirituality, fitness, etc..

Step 4: Graduation Set out what you want to do and put them into a month by month plan for execution.  By creating an action plan will help you graduate your goals from dreams to reality.

Step 5: Visualize Sit down every day and visualize what your life would look like if your goals came to life. If you are new at visualization maybe start once per month and then build to weekly, then daily. Really start to emotionally engage in what your life would look like in the key areas of your life if you accomplished all your goals.

Here is a link to Robin Sharma’s video blog about this process:

Happy Reflecting and Here’s to a Fresh Start!