We all need good friends and positive relationships to feel happy. But some of us fail to spot the one-sided, destructive relationships. These are the relationships where one person gets all the benefits while the other is left with nothing. Relationships are meant to be mutually beneficial and when one is noticeably less devoted to it’s success then something is definitely not right.

Destructive relationships are particularly bad for your self-esteem. The person taking advantage of the situation has the ability to make you feel very miserable and even guilty for not providing them with all the advice and support that they want. I’ve had my fair share of those types of relationships.  Not only do they not appreciate the help that you’ve already provided but they seek even more.  They expect your help immediately and they see it as a mandatory, rather than a generous act. Destructive relationships are those that lead you to feeling upset, lacking energy, and feeling drained.

We all know when we are stuck in this type of relationship… So why do we humour it? We hang on to these destructive relationships not because we are afraid to lose a “friend”, but because we are afraid to classify ourselves as a “bad friend”. It is important to understand that dropping destructive relationships does not correlate with being a bad friend.

We must surround ourselves with the people who want us to be successful, happy and healthy in life. A relationship between two people will never blossom if one person constantly takes while the other only gives.

Identify the people in your life that provide nothing and realize the importance of letting them go for the sake of your well-being. Energy transfers, so if bad energy is within a person close to you there is a chance that this energy will transfer to you sooner or later.

Remember: Relationships are meant for the purpose of bringing out the best in two people.

Before letting your old friends go try to express your concerns… who knows, they may listen and realize that they need to balance out their side of friendship and stop building destructive relationships.

Good luck!

Vancouver life coach alycia

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