Day 3 – 3 Days of Living FearLESS

The Road Less Traveled..

Today is all about action and action is so rare!  Planning and talking are important things to do but if action doesn’t happen then what was the point?

Let’s recap: You have identified a challenge you are facing and discovered a fear that was fueling it.  You started to build your awareness of it in Day 2 to gain some new insights.  So…

Now what?

Now is the time to take real action steps. Steps that are more informed because of your increased self-awareness of this challenge.


Question Time! (Create a list for each)


Question #1 – What is holding me back from overcoming this challenge?

For example, some of the things that hold my coaching clients back before they go through my transformation process is their fear of failure, they worry about trying really hard to change something and then nothing changes. 

They think they aren’t good enough, they are worried that they won’t be liked and some are actually afraid of success (fear of the unknown)!  Some struggle with time and pressures from their family or work, they don’t have the resources or support at home.  Do any of these ring true for you?

Once you are finished writing your list remind yourself how awesome you are and then review what you have written.  Are you surprised with what you wrote or was that exactly what you expected?  How do you feel when you read it over?


Question #2 – What action can I take now that will help me overcome my challenge?

Maybe there is something that you have been putting off that you have really wanted to do.  After reflecting on your fears on Day 2 what could you do that would put you back in control of your life? 

Some of my clients have decided to change the way they react in certain situations once they realized how detrimental it was to their bigger goals.  What action can you take today that would get you closer to overcoming your challenge?

Now that you have finished writing out that list – Was it harder to write out or easier than the first one?  How do you feel when you look it over?  Are you at all surprised about what you have written?  Now that you have completed your two lists I want you to give yourself a huge applause for being so honest with yourself!


Today’s Exercise!

I want you to pick one or two things from your list created in Question #2.  Then take action on it and send me an email to let me know because I want to congratulate you and I really want to support you while you are going through this process! >

Special Invitation: If you go to my Facebook page and tell me what you committed to then you will be entered into a draw to win a free coaching session with me ($175 value!)  Click here for my Facebook page

Here’s some tough love for ya…

You are going to pick one or two things from your list and you’ll probably get really excited/ nervous about it…  You’ll put it on your to-do list and then you might notice that you are starting to put it on the backburner.

So I’m going to encourage you (if there is any hesitation) to just trust me.  Just think of me sitting there right next to you encouraging you on to take this HUGE step.  After you take this step you are going to feel the most alive you have ever felt because you have given yourself the gift of facing your big challenge.

It’s going to build your confidence then you are going to tell me about it and I’m going to congratulate you… It’s basically going to be the craziest party ever because you are going to feel like a million bucks – seriously!  (I don’t joke around about this kind of stuff)

*Shaking champagne bottle*



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