Day 2 – 3 Days to Living FearLESS

Building Self-Awareness

Living FearLESS is only possible if you are willing to develop greater self-awareness of your fears… So you can discover the solutions!

Please choose an area of your life that you want to address and write down a fear that is keeping you stuck there.

For example, do you feel like you might not be good enough to achieve (fill in the blank)?  Do you anticipate that you are going to fail again or do you worry about what other people will say?  Whatever it is, just write down the fear and we will come back to it a little later.

(By the way, congratulations on making it this far!  I’m proud of you 🙂 )

The Flip Side

Believe it or not, there is a positive side to your fears. (Say whaaat?) Yes, that’s because they can reveal your insecurities and those insecurities contain the solutions to help you overcome your fears.  Boo-yah!

The solution to your challenges lies within your fears… Which is why developing self-awareness is so important and getting curious about them is absolutely vital.

The more information you gather the better equipped you are to make an informed decision. Then you can decide what the next best step is!

Information Gathering 101

How do you gain self-awareness and understand the insecurities that underlie your fears?  At the bottom of this page you will be able to download a fifteen minute meditation audio to facilitate greater self awareness of the insecurities underneath your fears.

This audio tool is simple but very powerful.  My belief is that if you gain true awareness of something it will allow you to make positive choices and adjustments naturally…. ahhhhhh… wouldn’t that be nice?

Be aware, be mindful and stay curious about your inner world but PLEASE DO NOT OVERANALYZE.

Being stuck in your fears and in a negative patterns doesn’t really work but being mindful of them can help you to become free from them.

For example if one of your fears is not wanting to make a mistake: Notice what feelings, emotions or thoughts arise when you make a mistake.  Pay attention to the things you say to yourself and how you say it.  Be curious and open to what happens internally… How do you feel and where do you feel it in the body?

Oh… I can hear it now… “But Alycia, how does feeling solve anything?!”

Well…. Einstein said (oh yes I’m name dropping!) – “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”

For example – If you want to grow something by planting a seed, other than finding a good spot with nice soil, sunlight and some regular watering you leave it alone, right?  You don’t do the growing… that’s Mother Nature’s job.

When it comes to facing your fears – you create the space for healing by being mindful, allowing, aware, present and Mother Nature does the hard work… the actual growing.

If this idea is new to you I totally understand that it seems really farfetched but if you try it out – you will be in awe of the wisdom that is you and the healing power your body already possesses.

This will feel uncomfortable…

You are going to feel uncomfortable when you do this meditation.  But in order to live an amazing life you have to get used to feeling uncomfortable! Just think: “Short-term pain, long term gain”.

“Where you stumble and fall, there you will find gold.”
― Joseph Campbell


Today’s Exercise!

Let’s go find your gold!  Please download and listen to the meditation audio below using the fear you wrote down earlier.  Listen to it at least once (or twice!) before the Day 3 material.

Do you have any questions about this?  I’m here!

To download the 15 Minute Meditation audio, click Meditation.




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