Day 1 – 3 Days to Living FearLESS

What does living fearless mean?

Being fearless is not the absence of fear, it’s having fear but then doing what you want anyway.

Fear will always be there but the amazing news (the freedom!) is that you can change your relationship to it so it doesn’t control your decision making. 


What do I mean when I say “FEAR”?


Fear of heights?

No I’m not talking phobias.  (I can’t stand spiders)

Fear of making mistakes and looking like a failure?

Yes… and other things like that. 

I’m talking about the fears that hold you back from living an amazing life and prevent you from taking chances or getting out of your comfort zone. 

I use the word “fear” very broadly here but you might be calling it something else.

I’ve listed a few examples below of some challenges you might be facing right now but might not realize they were fueled by fear:

  • You compare yourself to others and as a result you don’t feel like you measure up
  • You doubt that you even have what it takes to be a success and reach your dreams
  • You get spun out into negative thinking and you can’t seem to stop or turn your mind off!
  • You try to achieve something but you procrastinate on it… and wait until tomorrow… maybe the day after… ok next week…
  • You think back to all the mistakes you have made in the past and project that fate into your future… “why bother?”
  • You don’t want to make any mistakes so you feel paralyzed and don’t any take action
  • You worry about how other people perceive you and the opinions they have of you and that controls your decision making (you try to please them instead of you)

Do you want to find an amazing partner to spend your life with?  Do you want to create a career that makes you feel purposeful?  Do you want to feel better about yourself and have a better self-image? 

The only thing you need to achieve those is a little C.O.U.R.A.G.E

Courage is about taking action towards what you want even if you are scared or worried about making a mistake. 

Imagine the alternative… A life where you never face your fears and just get stuck in your comfort zone.

Do you ever feel tired and drained at the end of your day?  Avoiding your fears consumes a lot of energy and makes you feel so tired.

Facing your fears is the sign of true confidence and it’s energizing!


Does it mean the end of your fears?  No way!  But it’s the beginning of you saying – I am stronger than my fears (A.K.A. FearLESS-ness)

Here is the hard truth… Are you ready for it?

When you don’t face your fears and you avoid/ distract yourself from them… you will end up attracting the very thing you didn’t want to create.  Damn it! 

That’s the irony.  I know, super annoying.

But this is life’s lovely (but tricky) way of keeping you honest and guiding you towards being courageous. 

Remember, life has your back and doesn’t want you to sell yourself out (and either do I).

Today’s Exercises!~

Before you start facing your fears you need to identify what exactly isn’t working in your life.  Please complete the two exercises below:

Exercise #1: The Personal Assessment Wheel

When you complete the Personal Assessment Wheel you will have a way better idea of where you are the most stuck and it will also allow you to be honest with yourself so you can take the next step.  (Basically it’s awesome)

To download the Personal Assessment Wheel PDF, CLICK HERE


Exercise #2: Powerful Questions

Type out your answers to these questions below.  When you are finished please email them to me so that I can get to know you better and offer you better results!

1) What is making you feel so frustrated?

2) What have you been holding off doing?

3) What is your biggest vision for your life?  (What do you secretly dream of doing?)


You’re Done! Yay!

After completing these exercises did you notice any fears (negative thoughts or resistance) come up?  If so, write them down.  This is actually wonderful because in order to overcome your fears you need to identify them so you can face them.

Day 2 is all about how to really face your fears to live FearLESS – after completing Day 2 you will have the tools to bust through any fear!

When my clients learn how to face their fears they always say that they feel wayyyy more free – I can’t wait for you to feel more free too!

See you in a couple days 🙂


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