Client Love

“My time spent with life coach Alycia was very rewarding!  There were times when it was difficult; I think we all have a hard time being completely honest with ourselves.  During the sessions I was encouraged to go out of my comfort zone, something I wouldn’t have done on my own.  Now that seems like an everyday part of my life and I still use the techniques and ponder the concepts we discussed in session. I think that life coaching can be beneficial for anyone willing to be open and honest with themselves.”
– Kathryn Hunter ~ Vancouver
“With her subtle guidance, understanding and amazing intuition – Alycia was THE supporting pillar in a difficult and transitional period of my life.  Having her as my Life Coach was the most rewarding gift I could have possibly made to myself.”
– Corrine Edgar ~ Vancouver
“I began my sessions with Alycia almost a year ago and have most definitely benefited from them. Her positive energy has been a source of strength for me and I am always amazed at her incredible intuitiveness. Not only has she provided me with some much needed clarity in personal matters, she has also provided personal tools to help myself. Alycia has a genuine caring presence that makes you feel very comfortable when discussing subjects of a personal nature. Our sessions together have had a lasting and positive impact on my life and if personal growth is your desire, I would highly recommend some coaching sessions with Alycia.”
– Aaron Wakely ~ Vancouver
“Alycia Hall guided me through an amazing and enjoyable journey of self discovery. She has such a calm, intuitive nature and at all times I felt completely at ease. During our coaching sessions I always felt that I was gaining tremendous insight. I have been able to make positive changes quickly and have learned the tools needed to continue to do so. The fact that Alycia was able to provide me with these tools for permanent and positive changes was perhaps the most exciting part of all!”
– Wendy Russ ~ Vancouver
“I have been working with Alycia Hall for two months and it has been quite the awakening. I have a library of spiritual and self help books at home..but there is not a book out there that could be as specific to my personal needs and journey. I’ve had so many light bulb moments with Alycia! She puts things in a way that makes me smile.. step back.. and say ‘wow, I’ve never thought of it that way’. What a rewarding feeling, to know and believe in my own strength. Alycia truly shows me how to grab life and take in all the endless possibilities! To anyone curious to work with Alycia: It will be one of the greatest gifts you give to yourself. Put on your seat belts and get ready to make amazing changes!”
– Eva Mateus ~ Vancouver
“I highly recommend Alycia’s work and commitment to helping people change their lives for the better. She is a heart-centered, caring individual, who shows great compassion and understanding; just the right qualities to feel safe and secure in her presence. When in the presence of Alycia, you know you are connected with someone who is following her Life’s Path and doing it with with great passion to help. In choosing a Life Coach, you cannot go wrong in choosing Alycia.”
– Rick Pursal ~ Bali
“My experience of working with Alycia proved to be truly rewarding. She is a great listener and skilled guide. She kept our sessions focused and helped me to make positive and meaningful changes. In particular, during our sessions she taught me how to achieve a greater sense of self-acceptance and inner peace. I liked that she showed me how to incorporate meditation into daily life. I highly recommend life coaching sessions with Alycia.”
– S. J. ~ Vancouver
“Alycia Hall is a gifted Life Coach. She behaves in a non-judgmental manner and will inspire and motivate anyone who is courageous enough to face their obstacles. Her love and support is much needed today.”
– Paulo Frazao ~ Vancouver
“What I most liked about working with Alycia is her ability to challenge notions I had about myself and life in general. Her thought-provoking questions led me to interesting insights which in turn helped me to rebuild my confidence and self-esteem. I am so grateful to myself that I had the courage to move forward with her. I am a better version of myself. I feel lighter and happier about life as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”
– Maryann Treffers ~ Vancouver
“Hiring Alycia was the best investment I’ve made in my life! Alycia worked hard to help me overcome what’s been holding me back. She is insightful, and offers limitless guidance and support. With Alycia’s help, I have realized my goals and made a plan for reaching them. She is a bright star, who shone a light in my darkest time. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to get “unstuck” in any area of their life.”
– Brandy Obrand ~ Vancouver
“Alycia is such a talented life coach that it’s almost scary. She was able to inspire meaningful transformation in my life a lot quicker than I thought possible. Working with her was an invaluable experience!”Nicole Ticknor ~ Vancouver


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