blessloveDo you ever wish you could improve your relationships?

I don’t know about you but I have some people in my life that I’m not totally fond of. Yep I’m just being honest.. But don’t get me wrong!  I don’t think I’m the bee’s knees or anything… it’s just that I don’t jive with everyone.  To be expected I guess, right?

Do you have someone in your life that you don’t totally connect with?

If you find yourself getting judgmental about others I believe it’s because you see something in them that you don’t like about yourself.  But, it’s okay because I think I have found a great and simple way to deal with this tricky challenge!

How to improve your relationships

Bless Your Enemies – I read somewhere that you should “bless your enemies.” You know, send them good vibes and positive thoughts, etc, etc..

When I was first introduced to this concept I thought – NO WAY!  I don’t even want to THINK about that person let alone consciously grant them my good wishes.

But I decided to give it a shot and here’s what I found…

My relationship with those people started to change. It was almost like magic but I stopped over-reacting to them and stressing about what they did or didn’t do.

Side note: I wonder if these people felt the good vibes I was sending their way and in turn started to respond differently to me… hmmmm…

I also started to feel a lot more energized and positive in general.  Probably because I wasn’t spending my time thinking about them and over analyzing everything.

So that’s it!  When you are ready to let go of a foe the trick is to “Bless Em” instead of thinking  “F— Em”!  Give it a try and see what happens…

Now I’d love to hear from you!  How do you deal with the people in your life who you don’t totally connect with?  What tips or advice could you share with us?