The holidays can be a wonderful time to catch up with family and really just enjoy the coziness of the season.  It’s also a time to really practice some of the important lessons you may have learned over the year because let’s face it, everybody has a few family members that can really get under their skin.  Here are a few strategies that might help you finish off the season in good standing and leave everyone wondering what’s different about you ….

  1. Let your family be who they are. There is no way you are going to be able to change their perspectives and opinions in a few days. Instead accept them for who they are and don’t fight it. Letting people be who they are allows them to see you for who you are. So when your mom tells you how to set the table as if your still 10, just accept that that is just her way.
  2. It’s all about you. The way people are, as I noted above, is the way they are. So now it’s your job in finding an effective strategy on how you’re going to handle it. Your goal is to be happy through the holidays, not to change your family. Maybe find a mantra or something that you can say to yourself when you find yourself reacting to a situation.
  3. Be in the moment. Stay mindful of the conversations you are in or what is happening around you. By being in the moment it allows you to connect and stay focused on your surroundings and in turn appreciate it
  4. Stop comparing! Everyone one is on their own path and as Theodor Roosevelt said “comparison is the thief of joy”. So unless, your goal is to be unhappy – stop comparing and stay focused on you!

Happy Holidays and wishing you a wonderful New Year 🙂

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