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If happy people don’t always have perfect lives… then what makes them so happy?

Here is my list of the 9 Positive Beliefs That Really Happy People Have:
1 – They believe in the goodness of others

Happy people focus on the good qualities of others. As a result, most people want to be around them because they feel good about themselves when they are.

2 – They see their past failures as great lessons

Failures for happy people are big motivators, rather than being a victim of circumstance they use these situations to reflect on where they need to improve.

3 – They believe that happiness is only possible now

Rather than always seeing happiness in the future, happy people enjoy the present moment. They find joy in the ordinary things that usually get missed by most people because they are worrying about the past or future.

4 – They are grateful for the past hardships

Happy people look at past hardships as valuable lessons as opposed to defeating moments. When looking back they are able to celebrate the hardships because they recognize that those moments taught them the most beautiful life lessons.

5 – They believe in encouraging and building others up

Happy people have a genuine appreciation for other people. They want others to feel good about themselves. They recognize people’s unique gifts and appreciate them. They have no problem sending out love through genuine compliments – in fact they do it all the time!

6 – They believe in getting out of their comfort zone

Happy people use the feeling of comfort as an indicator that they are ready to move on to the next thing. They aren’t afraid of new things; instead they are excited about discovering them!

7 – They believe that perfection doesn’t exist

Happy people understand that perfection is not a real thing. Trying to be perfect takes away from their ability to be authentic so they don’t even bother trying!

8 – They believe in being themselves

Happy people aren’t always the most put together or graceful. They are ok being who they are: clumsy, silly, goofy or serious. They are willing to express themselves authentically in every moment because they are okay with having their imperfections shown.

9 – Most importantly… they believe in always moving forward

Despite what life throws their way, happy people always get back up and keep moving forward.  Why?  Because they love adventure and they are always curious about what’s up the road 🙂


Now I’d love to hear from you!  What beliefs do you have that help you stay happy?  Do you have any others that are not on this list?  If so please share below!


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