Hey gorgeous!

In my experience as a life coach I have discovered that we all have a saboteur..

What is a saboteur you ask?

Well, a saboteur is the way someone gets in their own way when they are looking to move forward and create positive change in their life.

This shows up in different ways but it is usually an emotional reaction towards the positive change they are trying to create.

It can show up as boredom, frustration, blame of external circumstances, or even being ‘too busy’.

For this specific reason I created my coaching program to be three months long.

That number is very deliberate.

I had to consider that the saboteur was going to show up on the 2nd month and stop us in our tracks.  The saboteur is never a fun process for myself or the client.

It forces both of us to remove the masks and be vulnerable. In my experience as a life coach I find that the saboteur’s attention is often directed towards me and the life coaching.

Yes! I am after all playing the role of the mirror.

I also have to pace myself because with every new client I recognize that there will be at least one or two sessions that are going to feel gritty and raw – all because of that tricky little saboteur.

I try and prepare my clients in advance by telling them about it in our first session.  I also suggest that they put a reminder in their phones at the 2 month mark but even then it’s always a humbling experience.

Talking about something gritty is very different than experiencing something gritty.

Right when I start to get in the groove of life coaching the saboteur shows up in a session and reminds me that the process of self-growth is always a humbling experience that requires humility from both the life coach and the client.

We are collectively removing what doesn’t serve.

For me this process is challenging yet rewarding. Just like the client, it feels like the first time every time but it challenges me to show up with courage so I can support my client to step into their courage too.

It takes letting go of my ego and fake identity and a stripping away of what’s not real for either of us to be successful. 

We all have a saboteur in us and often it likes to show up whenever we are trying to create positive change in our lives. Do you know how your saboteur shows up?

Please let me know in the comments below!


Vancouver life coach alycia