Life Coach Myth # 1 – Life Coaches have to be smarter and more experienced than you.

Thank god this isn’t true.  If this was the case, I’d be in big trouble… financially that is.  Luckily I don’t need to be smarter or more experienced than my clients.  A life coach has to be equipped with unique skills, tools and techniques for life coaching to be successful.  Life experience and education are important but there are also certain innate qualities that make life coaches great at what they do.

Life Coach Myth #2 – Life Coaches give advice.

Nope.  You must be wondering why I get paid and wondering what exactly I get paid to do now.  Here it is:

Life coaches help you to discover the solutions and answers within yourself.


Sound kinda cheesy or vague?  Perhaps.  But despite what you may sometimes think, you are a lot wiser than you give yourself credit for.  Besides, if the answers come from me then it becomes a weird co-dependent type relationship where you rely on me for solutions.  I want my coaching clients to feel empowered and equipped to take on anything that life throws their way with or without me.  What I provide is a space to explore, powerful questions, tools to get unstuck and suggestions to move forward.  The real work and change comes from within you.

Life Coach Myth #3Life coaching takes a long time to get any real results.

I love debunking these myths, especially this one.  I always suggest that clients invest at least 3 months to the life coaching process.  The reason I suggest a minimum amount of time is because some patterns/habits take a little while to unlearn.   However, I see incredible results after just one session!  The one thing I would say about life coaching is that it takes lots of effort and commitment for it to be effective.  Then again, doesn’t anything worthwhile?

Life Coach Myth #4 – Successful people wouldn’t benefit from life coaching.

Yikes.  If this was the case than I would be out of business and so would every other life coach.  It’s just like saying Olympic athletes wouldn’t benefit from working with their coaches.  Not true, right?  Life coaching helps people go from good to great.  Having said that, good is good and many people would consider that a success.  But for me, I believe that good isn’t good enough.  Winning the Nationals is amazing but winning the Olympic gold is even more awesome!  Now that I think about it, I’ve never won any metals before … except for a few ribbons on Sports Day… ?

Life Coach Myth #5 – Life coaches don’t need to work with a Life Coach.

I find it funny when people are surprised to hear that I work with a life coach.  Just because I can coach others doesn’t mean I know how to coach myself.  It’s like expecting a surgeon to perform a successful surgery on their own body.  Not happening.  Yes, like anyone else I need accountability, someone to challenge me more than I would on my own and someone to pull me out of my comfort zone when I get comfy.  Sadly I can’t be objective enough with myself to do that on my own.


To wrap up my rant…

Since life coaching is a new field I feel a “professional obligation”, you could say, to debunk some of the myths that are out there.  After believing most of them myself at one point I realize that it comes with the territory of being a younger field.   Luckily I didn’t let these myths deter me because the more I learned about life coaching the more I appreciate just how amazing this field truly is.


Questions or other life coach myths?  Share yours down below!


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