5 Healthy Habits to Avoid Feeling DrainedI can’t believe how many tasks, chores and things-to-do I cram into my day.  Where is the living, the enjoyment?  Why can’t I copy the healthy habits of the French or Italians or dare I say… the Greeks?  Say what you want about their economy – these guys know how to manage stress, take care of themselves, and chill out!

We all want to feel successful and know that we are making a positive contribution to the world.  Right? Unfortunately it’s way too easy to set aside healthy habits and sacrifice our own well-being, because we are pushing ourselves to achieve our goals.

Do you love accomplishing your tasks and being ‘productive’? Great!  Let’s face it though… most of time we are overexerting ourselves and it is causing us to stress out. The mental strain of juggling so many different things can leave you feeling drained and exhausted.

Here are a few mentally and physically healthy habits to help you find a balance between meeting your obligations and taking care of yourself:

  1. Know your limits – don’t take on more than you can handle. If you know you have an important meeting, make sure you schedule enough time to prepare for it. Don’t think of that time as extra and try to squeeze in another task.
  2. Don’t put other people’s needs before your own – If you don’t respect your own boundaries you can’t expect other people to respect them.
  3. Schedule time to take care of yourself – don’t wait until the end of the day to see if there is enough time, there never is!  You have to make the time. This includes getting enough sleep, exercise and healthy meals. Also, a regularly scheduled massage, hair appointment and manicure/pedicure never hurt anyone.. heehee 🙂
  4. Learn to say no – It may feel uncomfortable at the time because you don’t like disappointing anyone.  That shouldn’t stop you from learning to set healthy boundaries.
  5. Remind yourself daily – that if you are not taking care of yourself, you are no good to anyone else.  I know that when I’m pushing myself too much and stressing out, I’m horrible company for everyone around me.  So it’s really not worth it to extend yourself to the point where you become crazy.  People who love you want you feeling and acting your best. After all, they benefit from it!

Follow these simple healthy habits and watch your energy skyrocket!


Vancouver life coach alycia

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