MeditationThe idea of meditating regularly can sound a bit daunting and overwhelming.

It’s easy to put it off or forget about doing it all together but the benefits of meditation are so many that it is worth making a priority. 

You might have an image of what meditation should look like or is suppose to be – and I say let that image go. 

There is no one way (or right way) to meditate and it’s all about customizing this beautiful practice to suit your unique lifestyle.  Meditation is so simple and can be applied in almost every situation.  In fact, if you are doing it right it shouldn’t take up a lot of extra time (unless you want it to). 

If you are having a hard time integrating meditation into your day I have a list of 5 different ways to bring meditation into your life with less stress and better results.

Here are 5 different ways to integrate meditation into your day:

Before bed – having a hard time falling asleep?  Wanting a deeper more peaceful rest?  Try some meditation lying down right before going to bed and before you know it the alarm clock will be waking you up and you’ll feel like a million bucks.  If you have a technique you like go ahead and try that or simply listen to a guided meditation on your phone.

Upon waking up – The mind is usually so calm and chill right when you get up so why not use it as an opportunity to get in some good meditation time.  Just 5 minutes will work and it will start your day in such a wonderful way. Set your alarm clock 5 minutes earlier!

Walking – Yep you can meditate while you walk. The intention behind walking meditation is to be present and in your body while walking. When your thoughts travel to something in the future or past just come back to how your body feels right now.  Notice the physical sensations of your feet hitting the floor and the wind on your face 🙂

Formal is nice – Sure if you have time during the day to sit down and have a formal sitting meditation then by all means.  These longer chunks of meditation will help you be more mindful throughout the day.  Plus it’s a chance to really put yourself first and give your poor ol’ mind some well deserved rest.  No pressure though, 5-15 minutes is great!

Mindfulness counts too – sure it may not be a formal practice but just noticing the present moment has the same calming effects. I like mindfulness the best because most of us aren’t living life in a distraction-free cozy dark room with calm music, right?  

Try paying attention to your body and breath while at a meeting, eat your food without being in front of the tv or computer and just notice the taste and texture as you chew.  Simple things go a long way and add up!

Remember, there isn’t just one right way to meditate. There are various ways to incorporate meditation into your day-to-day life. Which one will you try!?

Vancouver life coach alycia