Screw being perfectLet’s face it fear is familiar to everyone.  It’s a natural part of our psyche and it’s totally necessary for our survival.  I’m not hating on fear but fear is unhealthy when it starts to interfere with our ability to lead a healthy life. Fear of failure is one of the most common fears of all.  It definitely prevents us from reaching our goals and becoming who we want to be in life.  Having the fear of failure means being afraid to take a chance, to improve ourselves, and to step outside our comfort zone to try something new.

Success requires exactly what the fear avoids.

Some of the most successful people in the world were able to reach their dreams because they devoted themselves and did not let fear stand in their way. In fact, many channeled their fears into motivation to succeed. Cool, right?

The secret to getting rid of fear of failure is to set reasonable goals for yourself.  I’m not talking about goals that you know you can easily achieve (don’t cheap out).

Remember, success requires courageous steps and here are a few to overcome your fear of failure:

  1. First, set yourself a big goal which you know you can reach and then work towards it; one step at a time. In the same way that you would climb a ladder.  Start by planning out your first step, then the second and the third until it brings you to your desired end-result.  Create a plan of action.
  2. The next step is to learn to appreciate what you have to offer. Your knowledge and past experience should never be taken for granted. Remember to appreciate what you have achieved in the past and use it as motivation to achieve even greater goals.  Create a list of all the amazing things you have accomplished and achieved!
  3. Finally, draw inspiration from successful people that were not afraid to face their fear of failure. We all know people who’ve achieved success. Don’t be afraid to ask them how they did it and see if their strategy may work for you.  Contact one person this week and ask them about their path.

Remember the biggest failure of all is when we know what we want but we are too afraid to go after it.  That’s not your path.


Vancouver life coach alycia

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