Step 1 To Your Ideal Career ~ Know Your Values

Step 2 To Your Ideal Career ~ Know Your Strengths

Step 3 To Your Ideal Career ~ Know What YOU Want

Are you surprised that the 3 steps to discovering your ideal career involve you going within?

Your career is actually the manifestation of YOU.

The dreams, the ether, the hope, the uniqueness – that all stays in your head and your career brings all those together into the tangible world.    We each have an amazing platform on Earth to manifest our brilliance.. Yah!  How fun is that?  Thanks world!

Having said that, not everyone decides to bring their dreams into reality.  Why?  Because it takes a lot of courage and a willingness to feel uncomfortable most days, hours and minutes of the week.  It’s not the path for the faint of heart but it’s the path for you, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

Discovering your ideal career begins and ends with going inside for the answers.  Your mom doesn’t have the answer, your dad doesn’t, your partner doesn’t have it either and your friends… god love ‘em, they don’t have a clue.  You do.

So this is how we’ll do it.  Over the next week I will blog on the other two steps to discovering your ideal career.  In the meantime, step up to Step 1 today!

Step 1 To Discovering Your Ideal Career – Know Your Values

Values are like oxygen, you will die without them… Okay, okay maybe it’s not that drastic.  But let’s just say that life would be hell if you were not living your values.  Take me as an example!

One of my biggest values is adventure!  I love thrill, excitement, change, and unexpected twists and turns.  It’s invigorating.  When I began my career as I life coach I had an amazing opportunity come my way.  A wellness center hired me to work full time as their Life Coach.  So I came to work 5 days a week and saw between 5-6 clients a day.  Not to mention I had the most awesome office ever!  Calm music, aromatherapy, dimmed lights … oh I miss that.  But guess what?  After 2 months on my new life coaching job I looked around my cozy office and thought… ‘Is this it?’  Where was the challenge, the chase, the adventure?  I was very unsatisfied in that environment.

So you know a bit more about values (and me!), now it’s time to discover your values so you can discover your ideal career!   Your happiness is dependent on how much or how little you are living and honouring them.  Ask yourself these 2 questions and write down the answers somewhere.

1) When were you so unbelievably happy in your life?  What values were you honoring?

2) When in your life have you felt completely low and shitty?  What values were not being honored?

If you want a list of values to review for some inspiration click – The Core Value Worksheet

Do you have questions about this step?  If so, email me! @ Vancouver Life Coach

… stay tuned for Step 2 – Know Your Strengths!