Welcome to Step 3 ~ Knowing What YOU Want 🙂

You’re probably thinking… If I knew what I wanted I wouldn’t be here.

Well, that is true but you definitely know some things about what you want and don’t want and I’m gonna pull that out of you!

Sometimes the best place to start is by asking, what isn’t working anymore? (For some reason we have a much easier time answering that question)

So, what isn’t working anymore?  I mean, what has inspired you to even ponder a new career/ job, purpose and passion?  Something has motivated you to take a look at this.  It may be a feeling in the pit of your stomach or a nagging feeling in your head …telling you that you’re not living to your full potential.

I remember when I was questioning my whole career/ job path.  I started working a job that I didn’t want because I need to make some money and pay bills.  I hated it and was drained even before I started my day.  It felt like I was climbing a hill from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to bed.  I could even notice that other areas of my life were being negatively affected by this job.  My health wasn’t great because I had no energy or desire to take care of my tired and pathetic self.  I didn’t feel like being as social since my mood was crappy and I probably sucked to be around overall.  All those things were signs that I wasn’t doing what I was suppose to.

So check in with yourself and ask what isn’t working any more.  It may be the hours, the environment, the people, the position, the pay, the responsibilities, the lack of ______________ , the presence of  _______________ .  Or it might just be that deep down there is a feeling that something isn’t right (let your intuition be your guide).

Write down your answers to the question – What isn’t working anymore?

Looking on the bright side: The truth is I did enjoy some parts of that job.  I was well compensated, the hours were flexible and I wasn’t stuck at a desk all day.. those things work very well for me!  I’m sure that there are also some positives in your current situation too.

Ask yourself, what is working right now?  And write down your answers to that question.

Now look back at the list of things that are not working for you anymore (first list).  They often tell you what you really want.  The trick is to identify the opposite of what you wrote.  For example, I didn’t like my job because I wasn’t able to really interact with people in a meaningful way.  So by looking at that and flipping it around I can see that I really need to interact with others in a meaningful way in order to be happy.  Go through each point and flip it around to discover what you do want.

Now it’s time to reflect on the previous 2 steps.  Go back and review step 1 and step 2 to see if there are any patterns or common denominators from your reflections.  Click on the links below to access the previous steps:

Step 1 – Values exercise

Step 2 – Strengths exercise

What do all your findings tell you about you?  What has become more clear?  Is there anything that’s still unclear?

You are all finished with step 3 – Congrats.  If you still feel stuck, then feel free to drop me a line!