confidence and self esteem

Hey Gorgeous!

Do you feel worried about taking a big step? Are you concerned about what other people will think or say? Are you scared of failing and even looking foolish?

I get it, sometimes we wish we were more confident so that we could take risks and didn’t have to worry about other peoples opinions.

The only problem with wishing to be more confident is this… it only develops when we dive into the deep end and take action.

Let me say that again.  Confidence is the result of taking scary *holy-shit* action.  It doesn’t come before that.

It can’t and will not come before that. So if you want to boost your confidence you have to take action despite being scared. Confidence grows one step (baby steps!) at a time and the more you practice the stronger your ‘confidence muscle’ will get!  

Here are a few things you can count on happening when you take those big steps:


You have that very awesome self-validating feeling ohhhh yes

This happens when you take action and trust yourself instead of judging yourself. Self validation is an amazing boost to the ol’ confidence. The more you practice the better you get!

You start to notice that you are in charge of creating your own happiness!

Life isn’t happening to you.  So many people fall victim to the idea that life is happening to them.  Realize you are in charge and can create whatever you want.  What an amazing thing to know!

It stretches your boundaries and makes you feel like superwoman (or man)

There is no doubt that when you stretch into that uncomfortable space you set a new standard for yourself. The feeling of accomplishment always forces you to grow into a new version of yourself. No matter how big or small the stretch, you always get one step closer to your goals and therefore become more confident.


Confidence requires action… And when you are willing to step into your discomfort you will receive the rewards… promise 🙂

Is there anything else that I missed in this list?  If so please add your ideas and comments below, thanks!


Vancouver life coach alycia